About The Law Office Of Meagan Nuñez In San Diego

The Law Office of Meagan Nuñez in San Diego is a full-service child advocacy firm committed to ensuring that children with disabilities obtain the meaningful education they deserve. Our lawyers have been deeply involved with special education in San Diego as both educators and legal advocates.

School Law And Disability Attorneys With Experience As Educators

Founding lawyer Meagan Nuñez has devoted her legal practice to providing a compassionate shoulder to lean on for parents of disabled children who are fighting to get a meaningful education for their children. She provides zealous legal representation aimed at breaking down the barriers for children in the educational setting. Her knowledge of the complex laws and processes involved in special education law are well-regarded by clients and members of the community.

Prior to attending law school, our founding lawyer gained valuable experience teaching English as a foreign language. Her role included working directly with students with emotional difficulties. Her passion for civil rights led her to seek out a role as a law clerk with a nonprofit child advocacy agency working with low-income students who faced a variety of educational challenges. Attorney Meagan Nuñez is on the board of the Disabled Services Advisory Counsel and a commissioner on the Juvenile Justice Commission.

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