Special Education Matters In Nonpublic Schools

Some private schools are certified to provide special education to students with disabilities. Students who attend nonpublic schools may be entitled to receive the same referral and assessment services to evaluate for potential special education needs as students who attend public schools.

In some circumstances, a public school student may be placed in a nonpublic school due to the needs of the student, or the resources of the local public school. It is vital for parents to understand that when their child attends a nonpublic school, their child may still be able to obtain the free and appropriate education that he or she deserves.

Dedicated Special Education Attorneys With Experience With Nonpublic Schools

We frequently help parents from the early stages of the special education process. If the individualized education program team refuses to place a child in an appropriate nonpublic program, where placement in such a program is necessary — we can help the family file a due process petition to obtain the direct placement and have the tuition paid directly from the appropriate local school district.

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