Special Education In Charter Schools

Charter schools are a popular form of public education for many families in the San Diego area. What parents need to know is that a charter school in California is not exempt from providing children with special needs with the same services and supports as any other public school in the state.

Your Child Has A Right To Special Education Services In A Charter School

While the charter school experience may be highly popular, children who require an individualized education program to obtain a free and appropriate education (FAPE) can face difficult issues in the charter school setting. Funding matters may concern the school, but parents should be aware that their children have rights to appropriate services and supports whether they attend a charter or traditional public school.

Our comprehensive special education services can provide peace of mind for families who choose the charter school experience. We zealously advocate to help ensure that your child obtains access to a meaningful education.

Notably, a charter school is bound by the requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, from providing referrals and assessments to crafting an individualized education program for students with disabilities. If you are having difficulty in asserting your child's right to a FAPE in a charter school, we are here to help.

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