Continuum Of Placement Options

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires that each special education local plan area (SELPA) have full "continuum of placements" options available to meet the needs of a student with disabilities.

In short, this means that whenever possible, a district must deliver special education services in standard education classes (not special classes, separate schooling or other removal from the regular educational environment). The exception is "when the nature or severity of the disability of the child is such that education in regular classes with the use of supplementary aids and services cannot be achieved satisfactorily."

The continuum of placements options go hand in hand with the requirement that a child with a disability be placed in the least restrictive environment.

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IDEA requires each SELPA to have the following placement options available within your local school district:

  • The general education program
  • The resource specialist program (RSP)
  • Designated instruction and services (DIS), otherwise known as "related services." These are developmental, corrective and supportive services that are required to assist a child to benefit from his or her education. These include behavioral modification intervention, health services and school-based counseling.
  • Special classes, often referred to as special day classes (SDC), are generally smaller classes and are made up only of children with disabilities
  • Nonpublic, nonsectarian school services
  • State special schools
  • Instruction in settings other than classrooms where specially designed instruction may occur
  • Traveling instruction in classrooms, resource rooms and settings other than classrooms where specially designed instruction may occur
  • Instruction using telecommunication, instruction in the home, in hospitals and in other institutions - this includes home/hospital placements and even residential treatment centers and are considered the most restrictive education placement possible.

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