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What integrated classes offer mainstream and special needs kids

When children have special needs and require some form of special education, they may or may not need to learn in an environment that is separate from many of their peers. Each special needs student is entitled by law to learn in the least restrictive environment possible under the circumstances. However, what constitutes the least restrictive environment possible may be defined differently for each special needs child.

Approaching behavioral disorders in the classroom

According to EdSource, more than two out of every five American students who struggle with behavioral and/or emotional disorders do not graduate from high school. Within four years of leaving high school, almost three out of every five students with behavioral and/or emotional disorders have been arrested.

Why the California teacher protection lawsuit matters

In late January, arguments began in a lawsuit that may affect the education of all of California’s public school students. The lawsuit was originally filed by a group called Students Matter, which is a nonprofit advocacy organization. The claim was specifically filed in Los Angels County Superior Court on behalf of nine students. However, the outcome of the suit may affect millions of students, including students with learning disabilities.

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