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Is Your Child Eligible For Special Education Services?

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act helps to ensure that all children with disabilities may receive a public education that adequately fits their special educational needs. The word "disability" has a nuanced meaning within the educational context. Sometimes parents and children alike do not consider certain conditions to be disabilities, even though these conditions may entitle children to special education services under the law.

Obama Administration Expands Special Education Oversight

We frequently write about the ways in which the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act governs the public education of students with special needs. Specifically, this legislation requires that public school districts must meet the needs of students who require special education. However, this law has been interpreted loosely in some jurisdictions to the detriment of students with disabilities.

Thinking About The Teacher Tenure Decision

The dueling sides of the teacher tenure debate each make compelling points. It is unclear at this point whether the recent California teacher tenure decision will ultimately intensify this debate or allow it to resolve one way or the other for good. As many of our readers are aware, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge recently ruled in a case challenging the state's teacher tenure laws. The effects of this decision may ultimately impact students with learning disabilities to a significant extent.

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