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Children with disabilities denied speech services at school

There may be fewer issues more pressing than the education of young people in California. In particular, children with disabilities usually require specialized education and therapies that will help them function to the best of their ability once school is over. For many of these students, speech therapy is critical to making sure that they are able to adequately communicate.

Seeking 'free and appropriate' public special education

Perhaps you live in a large school district. Your child attends a school in your district that is adequate, but you suspect that a different school within the district would better serve your child’s special educational needs. What do you do? Some districts offer open enrollment and other programs that allow parents freedom of choice to enroll their children in whatever school best fits their needs. However, many school districts have strict policies that do not allow for movement between schools within district lines.

The benefits of technology in special education classrooms

We frequently write about the importance of allowing students with special needs to learn in the least restrictive environment possible. And yet, it is not difficult to acknowledge that integrating special needs kids into mainstream classrooms can pose unique challenges for teachers. For better and for worse, we live in an age that is increasingly defined by use of individual electronic devices. When it comes to special education, use of these devices can significantly benefit students.

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