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State explores special education vouchers

Education is meant to evolve. Certainly, many lessons that children and teens are exposed to are ultimately taught in much the same way they have been for centuries. For example, when children are taught to write, they are given writing utensils and they mimic images of letters until they perfect them. However, other forms of education evolve as the times evolve. Nowadays, many children are taught on desktop computers, laptops and even tablets. None of these devices were in classrooms when their grandparents were in school.

Positive strides are being made in special education

We frequently write about many of the challenges that students with special needs and parents of those children face in the pursuit of a proper education. Thankfully, not all news regarding the state of special education in America is challenging. Several positive strides have been made recently towards the goal of ensuring a proper education for children with special educational needs.

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