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Could pre-K attendance reduce the need for special education?

Experts have argued for many years about the importance of early childhood education. Some insist that solid early education can impact children for years to come, while others insist that early education efforts only impact children for a short period of time. Regardless of whether this broad issue will be disputed well into the future, a new study indicates that early education may have one specific and significant benefit that has been relatively unknown until now.

Are charter schools a good fit for special needs students?

California boasts a rich diversity of students, educators and educational approaches within its public school systems. Increasingly, charter schools are adding to this diversity. Charter schools often allow students opportunities that they would not otherwise be granted access to. However, not every public charter school’s mission is a good fit for every student. For example, a charter school with a focus on more technical aspects of education may not be the right space for a student passionate about the arts.

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