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He is a young man with intellectual disabilities. She is a young woman devoted to helping people exercise their right to education.

As a child, he was told he was "uneducable" by teachers. Years later, he is now a university student speaking to a UN panel focused on the right to education for children with disabilities. She is a researcher who met the young man at the panel discussion, taking the floor after him and discussing the worldwide fight to guarantee the simple right to education for children and young adults with disabilities.

While she shared important findings from research into the global problem to recognize and fund the right to education, he shared his personal story of his childhood in Argentina and the teachers who were dismissive and who ignored the challenges he faced in trying to obtain an education.

He and his family fought against the systemic barriers placed in the paths of kids with disabilities, challenging the discriminatory, damaging assumptions made about him and his potential by school administrators and educators. They fought and they prevailed.

Today, he is studying literature at a university and helping scholars and policymakers at the UN understand the personal side of the fight to overcome discrimination against students with disabilities.

The struggle continues for parents and students here in San Diego as well. Attorneys at the Law Office of Meagan Nuñez understand not only the law, but have also worked as teachers. They, too, understand the issues involved from more than one important perspective. Please see our Special Education Hearings And Dispute Resolution page for more information about how we can help you and your child.

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