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Topical focus: feds' evaluation of states' special ed efforts

All California students "have the right to receive a meaningful education."

We state that explicitly on a relevant page of our website at The Law Office of Meagan Nunez. Our San Diego-based firm advocates diligently on behalf of families to ensure that their children with special educational needs have the same -- that is, complete and unfettered -- access to a quality education that is available for students generally across the state.

Given our core beliefs regarding educational equality and the need for all students to have equal access to important resources and learning opportunities, we duly note material news of any sort regarding California's perceived performance in providing special education to those who need it.

A recent national ranking issued by the U.S. Department of Education speaks centrally to that matter.

The bottom line as regards a federal evaluation of California's special education efforts is this: apparently doing a bit better than during the previous measuring period, but still far short of even competent performance.

Indeed, the recently released report -- which has been published annually for more than a decade -- conveys a true "glass half full, glass half empty" picture of how California's special education efforts and programs are perceived by outside evaluators.

Last year, California was classified as a "needs intervention" state, with only Texas and the District of Columbia receiving the same unenviable tag.

The news is a bit better this year, with the state moving up one notch to join 29 other "needs assistance" states.

The highest category is "meets requirements." Time will tell, of course, whether California will be adjudged by the federal DOE as meriting placement on that list, which 19 states qualified for this year.

Many things can be done in an individual case to ensure that the special educational needs of a student are fully met. Any person with questions or concerns regarding any aspect of special education can contact a proven and client-empathetic attorney specializing in this important area of law for answers and diligent legal representation.

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