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A key task: obtaining all available benefits for a disabled child

Children are unique and precious, with every child possessing untapped potential that should never be denied.

All of our attorneys at The Law Office of Meagan Nunez in San Diego believe that as a fundamental and unalterable proposition, and our professional careers are guided daily by our efforts to do everything we possibly can to ensure that every child receives a meaningful education.

That means an education without obstacles thrown up that undermine its quality or consistent delivery. It means a child's full opportunity to take advantage of all the resources that are available to help him or her flourish. It means an absence of any outcome where one child lags others because of a comparative lack of opportunity.

And it means having a knowledgeable and persistent advocate who will ensure that every stone is unturned in the process of securing all the benefits that are available to help a child shine.

Our attorneys know that many children who are legally entitled to receive valuable help are not fully benefiting because of a knowledge gap in their family concerning available programs.

That is not a value judgment on those families. Rather, it merely serves to underscore the plethora of programs that can be tapped for assistance, as well as the difficulty in readily discovering them and knowing how to apply for help.

Take the federal Supplemental Security Income program, for instance, which is administered by the Social Security Administration. SSI provides critically important monetary aid to qualifying low-income applicants, including children who are blind or have a permanent disability. And qualifying for SSI comes with a tandem benefit, namely, a child's entitlement to receive health insurance benefits administered through MediCal.

There are many other benefits that are often available to families with a disabled child, as well, including California's In-Home Supportive Services, which can provide material assistance to a family caring for a child at home.

What our attorneys seek to make clear to families is that help aimed at ensuring a child receives every educational opportunity must necessarily consider all possible sources of aid.

Our attorneys know what to look for and how to help a family apply for benefits. Persons interested in knowing more are invited to visit us online at our SSI and IHSS Benefits for Children with Disabilities page.

We welcome your visit.

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