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Child disability and learning problems: getting help

A central irony associated with a child's disability that is adversely affecting academic performance is that a parent might not always be as keenly perceptive about relevant symptoms and related outcomes as is another adult not so intimately attached to the child.

Put another way: Absolute closeness and intimacy can sometimes obscure the dispassionate analysis and impartial assessment needed to critically evaluate why a child is struggling at school and with learning tasks.

As we note on a relevant page of our website at the San Diego Law Office of Meagan Nunez, loving parents "who live with a child every day may not always notice the signs of some form of disability."

The focused, empathetic and experienced attorneys at our disability rights law firm can help point out disability-related symptoms and educate families regarding the rights of their child to receive meaningful special education services provided for under federal and California laws.

As we note on our site, it is not necessarily a learning disability alone that can hinder a child's school performance and entitle that child to special education assistance. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) lists many types of impairments -- including blindness, deafness, orthopedic-related concerns and more -- that can adversely affect school performance and that "are often overlooked by parents as sources of educational problems."

We know that parents earnestly seek all that is best for their children, but that they sometimes lack a clear understanding of the resources available that can help their sons and daughters realize their full potential.

The goal of our attorneys is to step forward and work with such parents to obtain legally available help that fully promotes the interest of their children.

We welcome readers' inquiries. As we note on the above-cited web page, "We can walk you through the disability and special education process and help you to understand your rights."

As a parent, your empowerment in that regard can make a material difference in the educational opportunities afforded your child. We are honored to play a professional role in that process.

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