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A core purpose of special education: meaningful social inclusion

The central rationale that underlies special education access and opportunities in California is on a "meaningful education," as we note on the Special Education Attorneys page of our website at The Law Office of Meagan Nunez in San Diego, California.

Obviously, that means many things. Foremost, perhaps, it means that no student should be excluded from the opportunity that students in California and across the United States generally receive to grow to their fullest potential through formal participation in school programs. It means that no student is stigmatized by sitting on life's sidelines and being forced to passively watch others better themselves through opportunities that are personally denied.

And, as noted in a recent article discussing the importance of interaction between general-education and special-education students, it means "meaningful social inclusion."

Kids everywhere want to do more than learn. They also want to be an accepted component of a group. Ensuring that special-education students freely interact with other students of all capabilities and persuasions goes far toward ensuring their maturation and sense of self worth.

Many educators across California certainly get that, as evidenced recently by goings-on that occurred in one Northern California community. In the city of Fairfield, a unified sports program involving multiple elementary schools held a sports rally/event that paired hundreds of special-education kids with their general-education peers at local schools.

The goal, as noted in the above-cited article: to help foster "a quick path to friendship and understanding."

Reportedly, the event achieved that objective and much more.

A meaningful education is the precious right of every child. A principal with Special Olympics notes that, when special-education children freely associate with other kids, "awesome things" happen.

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