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Spotlight on special education access and advocacy

Our California special education blog at The Law Office of Meagan Nunez in San Diego centrally points out that education is not a selective endeavor applicable only to a limited number -- and type -- of children. Rather, ready access to quality teachers and educational services is the right of every child in the state.

Put another way: The education system in California is required by applicable state and federal laws to ensure that every child needing to be nurtured through education -- and, indeed, what child is not immeasurably benefited by immersion in ongoing and well-tailored learning programs? -- is fully afforded that opportunity.

As we state on a relevant page of our disability rights website, every California student has "the right to receive a meaningful education."

"Meaningful" is of course a subjective term, but no reasonable person in San Diego or elsewhere across the state harbors any confusion regarding its fundamental meaning. To a student with special educational needs, meaningful implies activities that promote social inclusion and that are individually tailored in a manner that challenges and fires the desire for learning.

Special education is obviously set back by school systems and administrators who manifest a disinterested attitude and who do not make sensible accommodations to help a student learn.

A recent media story focused on the special needs of children with dyslexia chronicles the frustrations of one California family seeking meaningful services for their young son, a bright child with a very limited problem processing letters and words.

The story is instructive, most centrally so for its focus on the salutary results that strong lobbying and legal efforts can have in promoting change. A California law now requires schools evaluating children for special education to address so-called "phonological processing" when that might reasonably be an issue.

Special education students often need a strong legal ally as they pursue their right to meaningful education in California schools. An experienced education law and disability attorney can advocate diligently for them as they seek inclusion in quality learning programs.

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