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What is a disability for purposes of California special education?

Here's an outsized irony applicable to what might reasonably be millions of parents across the country, including moms and dads in San Diego and across Southern California.

On the one hand, the unique and exceptional bond that parents have with a child can render them acutely sensitive to that child's needs and any special challenges he or she might be having.

On the other hand, though, that very closeness can blind a parent to problems a child might be experiencing and to certain realities requiring purposeful intervention.

Sometimes those realities relate to disabilities that undermine a child's performance in academics and at school. When that is the case, it is of course vitally important that any impediments to learning be identified and that a soundly tailored strategy be developed that broadly promotes progress for a disabled child.

In California, a proven special education attorney can play a central role in advocating for a young person with a disability who needs to be immersed in an individualized education program.

An experienced legal advocate can work closely with a child and his or her parents to ensure the full identification of conditions that might be adversely impacting learning and academic performance.

Concerned parents should know that the definition of disability for purposes of special education in California is fluid and sufficiently encompassing to include any conditions that limit learning. Disabilities can range from any number of physical impairments and health-related factors to behavioral and emotional disorders, as well.

Every child in California has a legal right to an inclusive and meaningful education. An experienced special education attorney can work closely with parents and other caregivers to promote that outcome in any given case.

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