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For special ed students, what exactly is a "meaningful education?"

We often spotlight the particulars of special education in California in our blog posts, focusing upon the learning, training and program immersion that is most valuable and appropriate for special ed students.

And in referring to those children, we simply mean kids who have a disability that can make traditional learning a bit challenging for one reason or another.

That is all. Special education students are no different from any other students in their desire to be surrounded by peers and fully engaged in stimulating learning activities.

They have a right to that expectation, which greatly transcends a school district's attempts to merely involve them in the circle of learning in a manner than essentially just marks time.

What they have, as we note on the San Diego education law and disability website at The Law Office of Meagan Nunez, is "the right to receive a meaningful education."

What exactly is that?

For starters, it should be fully understand that it can never be cast in terms of an absolute. Every child is different, which means that every individualized education program must be carefully tailored to specific circumstances. Some students simply need a bit of extra tutoring, while others might need physical accommodations. Some might require greater social interaction with other classmates, with others being greatly benefited from engagement in sports and other school programs.

And as one recent media article points out, pretty much every special education student -- along with every student in general -- can benefit from time to time by spending a day on the farm, seeing animals and experiencing farm activities up close.

As is clearly evidenced by comments noted from students who recently participated in one such organized event, that is meaningful.

And it is what thoughtful special education is all about, namely, enabling disabled students to see and learn about life in multifaceted ways.

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