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New California special ed appointment: biography instructive

In the realm of California special education programs and initiatives, it is critically important that principals -- that is, government officials, educators, administrators, legal advocates and additionally relevant parties -- have proven biographies that truly demonstrate a long-tenured and sustained commitment to the state's disabled children.

The reasons why are obvious, of course. Children are at once our most precious and vulnerable demographic, with those who have special needs being a group that must be able to confidently rely upon adults who advocate passionately and relentlessly on their behalf.

Recent details concerning a new state hire suggest that her appointment will further promote the bottom-line objective of serving our California children well.

The biography of Kristin Wright, who was recently announced as the new director of the California Special Education Division, is replete with bullet points that might reasonably comfort those who advocate for children with special education needs. Wright is a credentialed special ed teacher with a master's degree in the subject. Moreover, she has been a researcher, consultant and lobbyist for state children, and has a daughter with special needs.

We know intimately at the full-service child advocacy Law Office of Meagan Nunez in San Diego just how important it is to have a deep pool of highly experienced and committed adults steering the ship of special education in California.

And it is just as important that attorneys across the state who work in the special ed area bring unstinting commitment and on-point experience to the task of advocacy.

We submit that the backgrounds of our firm's attorneys clearly reflect the passion and acumen required to fully promote the interests of our valued clients.

We invite readers' scrutiny of our legal staff and its absolute commitment to ensuring that every California child has ready access to a truly meaningful education.

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