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For many special disability students, it's all about resources

If you're a reasonable person (and if you're reading this blog, we know you are), you are of course firmly on board with the notion that nothing is more important than our children.

They are trusting, loving and giving. They are possessed of limitless energies and potential. And they are blank slates when it comes to learning, with their inquisitive natures and boundless zeal for information making them veritable sponges for the acquisition of new knowledge.

Children with disabilities are no different from other children in that regard, which is why state and federal law exists mandating that every child have a right to a meaningful education.

That is laudable -- and right -- of course, but it can also be an illusory benefit for children in California and elsewhere with disabilities who live in families with meager earning capacities and thus little money coming in to apply to even basic necessities. When such is the case, the promise of meaningful education can ring hollow.

At The Law Office of Meagan Nunez in San Diego, where our attorneys are fully devoted to strong advocacy on behalf of disabled children, we know that school learning must be supported by some sense of stability at home.

And that is why we do more than take action to help ensure that educational opportunities are open to the children of our client families. Additionally, we help families with limited resources investigate all available benefits they may be entitled to through state and federal initiatives slated to help children who need financial assistance thrive in school and in life.

Those benefit schemes centrally include the federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program and California's MediCal health insurance program, respectively. They also include IHSS, which is the In-Home Supportive Services program administered by the California Department of Social Services.

Unsurprisingly, eligibility requirements and related processes and paperwork relevant to benefit assists are overlain with detail and complexity.

Our attorneys command intimate knowledge within that realm, and derive tremendous satisfaction in helping eligible children and families tap into government funds that can help improve the quality of life and lend stability that enhances a child's learning potential.

Readers should feel most free to contact us for further information. You will be assured of timely, candid and caring guidance.

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