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Many California cities rank high for disability friendliness

Some cities are more challenging for people with disabilities than other ones. This is because there are a lot of different factors that can impact how good of a place to live a given city is for such individuals. Cities vary considerably when it comes to such factors.

How disability-friendly are California cities? Well, the state’s big cities did rather well in a recent WalletHub report related to disabilities. The report ranked America’s 150 largest cities on disability friendliness. Twenty-nine of these cities were from California.

Of these California cities, seven of them cracked the top 20 in the rankings. The top 50 spots in the rankings included 15 cities from California.

So, over half of the California cities the report looked at were found to be in the top third in the country in regards to disability friendliness.

The top-ranked California city was Huntington Beach. It came in at the No. 7 spot overall.

San Diego was among the cities in the top third for disability friendliness. It ranked 42nd nationally.

In coming up with the rankings, the report looked at 25 different factors. These factors fell into three general categories: economy, health care and quality of life.

The quality of life category included a couple of education-related factors. These two factors were disabled student graduation rate and amount of special education teachers.

The quality of schooling they receive can have major life impacts for disabled students. It can affect them long into the future. Now, federal law puts various requirements on schools when it comes to special education and the rights of students with disabilities. However, these rules do not mean all schools are equal in regards to special education. Just as some cities do better than others when it comes to general disability friendliness, some are superior to others when it comes to the quality of the education they provide special needs students.

One would hope all California schools would be pushing to make their special education programs as good as possible. What parts of California do you think do the best when it comes to the education of students with disabilities?

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