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Federal funding going towards special needs transition programs

When it comes to their child’s education, there are many things a parent with a special needs child may be concerned about. Some of these concerns are focused on the present, like how their child is currently doing at school and the challenges their child is currently facing in the classroom. Others are focused on the future, like how their kid will do once they are done with school and going off into the wider world. How both of these types of concerns are ultimately addressed can have major impacts on a special needs student. So, when working with their child’s school regarding either of these categories of concerns, a parent may desire to have the guidance of a skilled education lawyer.

It was recently announced that the federal government is sending out funding to some projects aimed at helping special needs students get on a good path for a solid after-school future. In total, the funding amounts to around $39 million.

The projects are work-based learning experience programs for special needs students. They are aimed at giving such students tools and skills to help with the transition from school to the workplace or higher education.

The projects that the funding is going towards are being done in five different states. California is one of these states.

What sorts of transition-outcome-aimed programs they have access to at their school can have major impacts on what kinds of opportunities California special needs students will find available after they are done with school. So the types and quality of such programs that California schools have is a very important issue. What impacts do you think the new federally funded programs will have on the quality of transition programming for special needs students at schools here in California?

Source: Disability Scoop, “Education Department Aims To Improve Transition Outcomes,” Shaun Heasley, Oct. 10, 2016

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