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Could body movement help with detecting learning disabilities?

There are many challenges that come up in relation to learning disabilities. One are challenges in detecting such disabilities. Such conditions can be hard to diagnose. One reason for this is a lack of objective tests for detecting such disabilities. Most current methods for detecting these conditions focus on subjective factors.

One wonders if a new study that is being set up will reveal some new effective ways for detecting learning disabilities. This planned study recently received a federal grant. It will involve researchers from various parts of the country, including a research team from the University of California, San Diego.

The study will look at how the level of certain kinds of body movement in individuals relates to their level of learning ability. It is hoped that physical movement might provide a way for identifying if a person has a learning disability. So, one of the hopes with the study is that it could point the way to effective tools for helping detect such conditions.

Why does it matter whether a person who has a learning disability is promptly accurately diagnosed? Well, for one, the sooner their condition is detected, the sooner they can start getting appropriate treatment for it.

Also, when the person is a child, the sooner their condition is detected, the sooner their parents and school can take steps aimed at getting them the appropriate special education services. There are many unique education needs a child with learning disabilities might have. How well these needs are met can have major impacts on such a child.

So, if new effective methods for detecting learning disabilities are in fact revealed in this study or other research, it could have some pretty big impacts.

Now, the process of requesting special education services for their child is one a parent of a child with learning disabilities or other conditions may find intimidating and have various worries about. This includes worries that their child’s school district might deny their child such services for invalid reasons. So, when it comes to seeking such services for their child, a parent may want a skilled education attorney’s guidance throughout the process.

Source: Indiana University Bloomington Newsroom, “IU researcher to co-lead study to detect learning disabilities through physical movement,” Nov. 9, 2016

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