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School districts throughout California seeing teacher shortages

A recent study paints a picture of teacher shortages here in California that many may find worrisome.

The two organizations behind the study were the Learning Policy Institute and the California School Boards Association. The study involved 211 California school districts being surveyed on the issue of teacher shortages. The polled districts make up about a fifth of the state’s total school districts.

The results of the survey indicate that a great many schools in the state are experiencing shortages of teachers. Three-fourths of the polled school districts reported having such shortages.

Are teacher shortages trending up or down in the state? The statistics point to the former likely being the case. Of the polled districts, 80 percent said the situation around trying to get enough teachers is getting worse.

What areas of the state are most seeing not having enough teachers? The survey answers indicate that, while teacher shortages are showing up in districts in all kinds of areas in the state, they are most common in urban areas.

What types of teachers are California school districts most having trouble finding? The answer the survey points to is one that could raise various questions and concerns about the future quality of special education in California. The type of teacher the most polled school districts reported shortages in were special education teachers. Almost nine-tenths of the surveyed districts reported difficulties with finding such teachers.

Special education teacher shortages are one of the many things that could present roadblocks to special education students in the state getting the quality education they deserve. Another thing that could do this is school districts not being vigilant enough in ensuring they are complying with federal rules regarding special education services and the rights of children with special needs. When a parent suspects that any sort of significant shortcoming is present when it comes to the special education services their special needs child is receiving, they may want to discuss the situation and what things they could do in response to it with a skilled education law attorney.

Source: SFGate, “California teacher shortage worsens, especially in cities,” Jill Tucker, Nov. 30, 2016

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