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When a special needs student is facing suspension

Just like with other students, disciplinary matters can sometimes come up at school for students with disabilities. When such matters come up regarding their child, a parent of a special needs child might be very concerned about how the matter will impact their child.

This can particularly be the case when the disciplinary measures their child’s school is considering are serious ones, such as a suspension. Suspensions over disciplinary issues can deeply affect special needs students and their education experience.

Now, when their child is facing a suspension, a parent may be worried about whether their child will be treated fairly. They may fear that their child’s school may end up acting unfairly, such as giving a suspension when it isn’t appropriate or suspending their child excessively.

There are a couple important things for parents to know on this front. One is that schools cannot simply do whatever they want when it comes to suspension matters regarding special needs students. Rather, they have to follow certain rules.

Another important thing for parents to know is they do not have to go without help when trying to navigate school disciplinary matters involving their child. They can bring in a skilled education lawyer to look into whether the school is being fair and complying with the relevant rules in its disciplinary actions and protect their child’s rights in disciplinary proceedings.

Our firm understands how impactful what happens in school disciplinary matters, like those involving suspensions, can be on the well-being of special needs students and is committed to helping parents protect their child’s education interests in such matters.

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