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Report card gives California schools a C-minus

What quality of education special needs students here in California receive can be affected by many things. This includes how the state’s schools act when it comes to special education programs and matters specific to special needs students, such as matters related to IEPs. Students with disabilities could be greatly disadvantaged when schools fail to act appropriately on this front.

So, how parents of special needs students respond when they feel their child’s school has failed to act the way it should have regarding special education matters related to their child can be quite important. Experienced education lawyers can assist such parents with responding to this type of situation.

Another thing that can greatly impact special needs students in California is the overall quality of the state’s schools.

A recent report card graded and scored the different states here in the U.S. when it comes to their schools. The report card was done by Education Week. In coming up with these grades and scores, a variety of different factors related to schools and education were looked at, including those related to student achievement, school finance, equity and student chance of success.

California didn’t do terribly well in this report card. It was given an overall score of 69.9 out of 100 and an overall grade of C-minus when it comes to schools. This was a worse grade than the nation as a whole got (the nationwide grade was a C). The state was also rated worse than the national average in most of the individual factors that contributed to the overall grade.

Also, California did poorer in overall grade/score than around four-fifths of the other states.

There are various views on why California performed as poorly as it did in the report card. Some argue that the state has fallen short in addressing key education-related matters. Others argue that the report uses outdated data, and thus that it may not accurately reflect the current state of education and schools in California.

What is your opinion of the current quality of California schools? How good of an education do you think such schools are providing students in general and special needs students?

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