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Special education and budget cuts

Sometimes, school districts end up having to make budget cuts. There are a variety of concerns parents can have in connection to such cuts. Some special concerns can be present for parents of special needs students. Among these are concerns about whether the budget cuts will get in the way of their child getting the special education support and services they need.

Budget cut issues have recently arisen in the San Diego Unified School District. There are plans to make a $125 million cut in the district’s budget.

Among the things that have been proposed in relation to this budget cut are staffing cuts. Among the jobs that would be cut under the proposal are some occupational therapy assistant and special education assistant/technician positions.

The proposed staffing cuts have drawn some debate related to special education. An official with the school district says that student IEPs were reviewed to ensure that the needs of special education students would continue to be met with the proposed cuts. Some parents and district employees, however, have expressed worries that the staffing cuts could have negative impacts on students with disabilities.

Tomorrow, the proposed staffing cuts go up for a vote by the San Diego Unified School Board. One wonders what will happen in this vote. One also wonders what is ultimately decided when it comes to the budget cuts will end up meaning for students with disabilities in the district.

School district budget cuts are one of the many things that could raise parental concerns that their child’s special education needs might not be getting properly addressed. When a parent of a student with special needs feels that something that has come up has caused their child to not get the special education support and services the law entitles them to, they may want to discuss their options for fighting for their child’s rights with an experienced education attorney.

Source: KPBS, “What Parents Of Students With Special Needs Can Expect Under San Diego Unified Cuts,” Megan Burks, Feb. 24, 2017

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