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Special education funding bill brought in California

Various types of laws can have very big impacts on special education and special needs students. Among these are state laws regarding special education funding. What a state does when it comes to such funding can have impacts on things like the types and quality of special education programs and services that are available for kids with disabilities in the state.

A recent bill proposed here in California regards special education funding.

One of the things the bill would do is seek to balance out the funding rates by the state when it comes to special education by putting some new requirements for upped providing of special education resources on the state.

Also, the bill aims to help special education preschool programs by developing a state funding source for them. Currently, such programs and services do not receive any state financial support.

What do you think California’s legislature should do with this bill? If this bill were passed, what impacts do you think things like state funding for special education preschool programs would have on the state’s special needs students?

Another class of laws that play a big role in special education are laws, including federal laws, that put requirements on schools regarding what services and support they must provide students with disabilities. Sometimes, a parent may be unclear as to whether a school is complying with these requirements when it comes to their special needs child. When this occurs, it can be critical for a parent to get a clear picture of whether their child’s rights are being respected. A child with disabilities can be deeply impacted by whether they are receiving the education support and services they are supposed to under law. Skilled attorneys can provide parents who have special needs kids with guidance on whether their child’s school is respecting their child’s rights, and what can be done if these rights are not being respected.

Source: Long Beach Post, “Assemblymember O’Donnell Seeks Fairness in Funding for Special Education,” Asia Morris, Feb. 9, 2017

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