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The unique needs of students with learning disabilities

One thing that can have major impacts on a student with a learning disability is whether they get the support necessary to meet their education needs.

Now, at the elementary and secondary school levels, there are laws here in the U.S. which give students with disabilities special protections when it comes to their education.

So, one thing that can significantly impact whether a student with a learning disability gets the educational support they need is how closely the elementary/secondary schools they attend follow these laws. Education lawyers can provide guidance on options to parents who believe that such laws have not been followed when it comes to their child.

Now, the situation for getting educational support in relation to special needs is different at the college level. Colleges are subject to different federal rules and have different structures when it comes to the educational needs of special needs students. Due to this, at the college level, getting educational support can require a great deal of proactive action by students with learning disabilities.

There are certain things that might get in the way of such a student taking such action, including:

  • Fear: When heading into college, such a student may have fears about facing embarrassment for asking for help in connection to their schooling. How much such fear such a student has could be impacted by their experiences with special education in the past.
  • Lack of the tools and knowledge they need to self-advocate. One thing that could keep a student from getting these tools/knowledge is them not being included in their transition planning in high school. Research has pointed to not being included in such planning being a pretty common experience for students with learning disabilities.

As this underscores, what happens in regards to things like their education and transition planning in their pre-college schooling can impact how likely a student with a learning disability would be to take proactive action to get educational support in college. So, how to best empower a child to self-advocate in the future can be an important thing for the schools and parents of a child with a learning disability to give careful thought to as the child is approaching the transition to college.

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