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Local school district facing special education complaints

Recently, some parents have leveled allegations claiming that the special education efforts of a school district here in San Diego County are falling short.

The district in question is the San Dieguito Union High School District. Some parents recently held a rally in connection to complaints they have over special education services in the district. The group also submitted a petition to the district’s school board regarding its complaints.

Among the things the parents are claiming are problem areas when it comes to the district’s special education services are:

  • Facilities: Complaints have been made that the facilities provided for some special education students are inferior to the facilities provided to other students. One set of facilities that have been of central focus in these complaints are the facilities provided for a transitional program based at school in the district. Portable classrooms are currently being used for the program. Parents have leveled a variety of complaints about the quality of these classrooms, such as complaints regarding lighting.
  • Access: Some parents have alleged that the district’s special education students aren’t getting a sufficient level of access to the general education environment.
  • Curriculum: Claims have been leveled that the district hasn’t provided structured curriculum for special education students.

The district’s superintendent has contested some of the claims regarding the transitional program’s facility quality, but has said efforts will be taken to try to address lighting issues. This school official has also said that some reorganization efforts related to special education services are currently being undertaken by the district. Additionally, the district’s school board president said that many the complaints the board received were one’s it was previously unaware of.

So, up to this point, it is still unclear what will exactly happen in the wake of the complaints. One wonders what the next few months will see in this regard.

As the complaints leveled against the above-mentioned school district illustrate, there are a range of different areas there could be the potential for concerns to come up regarding when it comes to special education services. When a parent has concerns over any aspect of the special education services provided to their child, it can be critical for them to understand what they can do to stand up for their child’s interests in relation to the concerns. Education attorneys can provide parents with guidance on what options they have in this regard.

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