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Is ECSE worth the cost?

Parents of children with special needs typically appreciate all the support they can get. Certain programs offered through the school district help students focus on their abilities, develop communication skills and learn through individualized plans. They also help parents understand their child’s capabilities.

The personalized attention provided through special education programs can weigh heavily on district resources. Potential cutbacks recently raised concern among parents involved with San Diego’s Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) program. While administrators may have financial concerns, you may question the potential long-term effects budget cuts could have on children’s development.

Three reasons why early intervention is important for children with special needs

Once developmental concerns are diagnosed, you may want to secure assistance for your child. Some experts assert that the earlier your child receives services, the greater their potential may be.

Depending on your young child’s specific needs, he or she may benefit from early intervention programs like physical or speech therapy. If you wonder why earlier is better:

  • When families are equipped with strategies to help their children prosper, parents can better meet their child’s needs as they grow.
  • Learning how to interact with the world around them can reduce frustration for children with special needs when they start attending school. This can help minimize behavioral escalations that distract other students and require one-on-one support.
  • The younger a child’s age, the more adaptable their brain is. Taking an active approach to developmental needs can help reduce symptoms later in life.

Addressing a child’s needs can provide positive results in social and emotional development, cognition and health. Additionally, skills learned at a young age could reduce a later need for costly special services.

Fiscal management is necessary across all industries. However, when educational institutions consider decreasing services due to their current budget, parents can encourage them to think about the economic impact cutting programs could have in the years to come.

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