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The qualities to look for in a special education teacher

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Whether your child attends school for the first time, enters a new school or graduates to the next grade, every parent wants to make sure that their child builds a strong connection with their new teacher. It not only provides you with peace of mind, but you clearly understand that your child will benefit from working with a simpatico and understanding teacher.

But as the parent of a child with special needs, you have some extra concerns. You understand that your child needs a strong ally in the classroom. You want to make sure the teacher has the qualities and characteristics right for your child and every other child with special needs in the classroom.

Dedicated, compassionate and a love of children

There are many traits you hope and want to see in your child’s special education teacher. There are many crucial things to look for when meeting the teacher, discussing their teaching philosophies and making sure he or she is the right person to help your child reach important educational goals.

Here are some of the qualities to look for in a solid special education teacher:

  • Dedicated: Many teachers continue to work off-hours on IEPs, correcting homework and promoting progress among students. This is a good sign. They do this because they believe in education.
  • Organized: Organization and structure go together, and students ideally need a teacher who subscribes to both. Not only must special education teachers be organized in the classroom when working with students, but also on their record-keeping skills.
  • Creative and adaptable: Every student has different strengths, and solid teachers rely on a variety of adjusted approaches when working with all their students. Some children may focus more on visual aspects of learning, while others prefer auditory instruction or the use of other sensory skills such as touch.
  • Calm and even-tempered: The classroom environment can be stressful. With a calm teacher, any classroom benefits. Also, students often take cues from classroom teachers.
  • One who understands or strives to understand multiple cultures: S. families are increasingly more diverse. An adaptable teacher who understands this can help every student.
  • Kind, understanding, compassionate and has a love for children: Your child will sense this rather quickly with a classroom teacher. In time, you can, too. A teacher who loves his or her profession shines in the classroom, in part, because of their love for children.

Advocating for your child also means making sure he or she has a reliable advocate in the classroom. You want to ensure that your child benefits in an environment where they have a trustworthy, compassionate and knowledgeable teacher.