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Getting ready for summer? What to consider.

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2022 | Special Education Law |

The school year is drawing to a close and summer is just around the corner.

As we discussed in a previous blog post, students with disabilities may qualify for extended school year services (ESY) during the summer months. Extended services can be helpful for students to maintain their progress and avoid learning loss.

However, aside from these services, parents might wonder what else they can do to support their child throughout the summer?

Three steps to consider

The following steps will be helpful for all students during the summer. However, they are especially important for children with disabilities.

Your child may rely on special education services throughout the school year, and you want to make sure they stay on the right track. To do so, you should consider these three things:

  1. Create – and keep – a routine: Several sources place a significant emphasis on the importance of routine. Routines are helpful for all children since they maintain a sense of security and comfort. Of course, this routine does not have to match the average school day. However, creating a basic schedule for children can help them feel productive and support their progress. For example, it is helpful if you include a routine of daily fun reading activities or games for a child with dyslexia.
  2. Find fun activities to support progress: As mentioned above, it can help to find activities that make learning fun. Incorporating games or physical activities to learning reading or math skills can ensure children enjoy their summer and have fun, but also keep up with the progress they made over the school year. Find something your child is passionate about, and include that in these activities.
  3. Look into summer camps: California has many week-long camps or even day camp opportunities that stress inclusion and tailor activities to children with learning disabilities, intellectual or physical disabilities. These can include adaptive sports or recreational classes in which children can participate. Some are family camps or classes.

Summer can provide a much-needed reprieve for your child and you. Even so, it is helpful to prepare actively for summer to make sure your child stays on track for success in school.