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Advocating For Special Education Students Facing Suspension Or Expulsion

Along the spectrum of remedies that school officials have in disciplinary matters is the ability to suspend or expel a student from school. When a student has a qualified disability, the authority of the school to expel or suspend a student can have a significant, and adverse, impact on the student’s right to a free and appropriate education in California.

Providing Zealous Representation In School Hearings

Our lawyers are committed to helping families who are facing school disciplinary matters in San Diego and the surrounding areas. In order for a school to expel a student with disabilities, the facility must comply with strict rules governing suspensions and expulsions. In essence, an expulsion is a change of placement that affects the rights of a special education student.

More common than expulsion is the tendency for schools to excessively suspend a special education student. Excessive suspension can rise to the functional equivalent of an expulsion. In these situations, like in an outright expulsion, the student is entitled to a manifestation determination hearing. We can help you obtain the appropriate hearing and stand up for your child’s rights.

We Can Help You Protect Your Child’s Educational Opportunities

It is critical for families to have the representation of a knowledgeable special education lawyer to protect interests when excessive suspensions or an expulsion is threatening a student’s educational future. At The Law Office of Meagan Nuñez, we are passionate about special education law and zealously guarding the rights of clients facing a pivotal point in school.

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