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How Can Our Office Help?

Our office is here to help you begin the appeals process if you qualify for in-home support services but have been denied.  We can assist individuals who are experiencing:

  • A denial of services;
  • A reduction in the amount of hours being provided
  • Termination of their currently existing services
  • An unnecessarily long waiting period to have their application reviewed
  • Fewer hours or services than you believe you are entitled to


Please give us a call if your application for your child’s in-home support services or your request for additional hours to their already existing services has been denied by the county.

You have 90 days to appeal:

  • A denial to begin in-home support services
  • A denied request to add additional hours to existing services

You have 10 days to file an appeal if:

  • You receive a Notice of Action that your existing hours will be reduced
  • You receive a Notice of Action informing you that your services will be terminated

You should act right away if:

  • You request a hearing but do not receive an IHSS Notice of Action
  • If you are given a Notice of Action, but it states that it will take effect in less than 10 days from the date you received it

Taking the next step

The aforementioned situations create a need for action within a small window of time, and that is why we are here to help you resolve your issue within the given timeframe. The attorneys in our office understand that it may be very stressful to find yourself in this situation or special education issues, and they are ready to guide you through the process with support and the legal knowledge you need. Contact us at 619-757-1290 or send us an email.