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Obama Administration Expands Special Education Oversight

We frequently write about the ways in which the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act governs the public education of students with special needs. Specifically, this legislation requires that public school districts must meet the needs of students who require special education. However, this law has been interpreted loosely in some jurisdictions to the detriment of students with disabilities.

When special needs students are abused by educators

In recent weeks, the media has reported on several stories centered on allegations of child abuse at the hands of teachers. What ties these disturbing tales of sexual, physical and emotional abuse together is that the victims are all students with learning disabilities. It is virtually impossible to read these stories and not be emotionally moved by what is apparently happening to far too many special needs kids nationwide.

The new federal spending bill may affect your special needs child

Sequestration and a host of other issues with the federal budget have dramatically affected public education spending over the last few years. In many school districts, special education programs, the arts, sports and other opportunities have been cut in significant ways. Thankfully, the new federal spending bill will help to restore some of the funding that has been lost over the past few chaotic spending cycles.

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