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It's stories like these that compel special education scrutiny

No reasonable person doubts that legions of individuals employed in the realm of special education -- across its entire spectrum, in every occupation -- are morally outstanding people who make best efforts at all times to treat disabled children with love and dignity and promote their learning.

Spotlight on special education access and advocacy

Our California special education blog at The Law Office of Meagan Nunez in San Diego centrally points out that education is not a selective endeavor applicable only to a limited number -- and type -- of children. Rather, ready access to quality teachers and educational services is the right of every child in the state.

A core purpose of special education: meaningful social inclusion

The central rationale that underlies special education access and opportunities in California is on a "meaningful education," as we note on the Special Education Attorneys page of our website at The Law Office of Meagan Nunez in San Diego, California.

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