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Child disability and learning problems: getting help

A central irony associated with a child's disability that is adversely affecting academic performance is that a parent might not always be as keenly perceptive about relevant symptoms and related outcomes as is another adult not so intimately attached to the child.

How Common Core is affecting special education

Over the past few years, parents and educators across the nation have been hearing the phrase “Common Core” uttered with increasing frequency. The Common Core model aims to ensure that students are evaluated on the basis of common standards which are designed to reinforce critical thinking. This model, like many educational models, has its benefits and its drawbacks.

Should cameras be placed in special education classrooms?

We recently discussed the issue of discipline in special education classrooms. Specifically, we noted that special education teachers sometimes go too far in their disciplinary tactics. Certainly, some special education students can become violent and may need to be safely and properly restrained, temporarily isolated or otherwise responded to in order to ensure that the violent student, teachers and other students remain safe. However, disciplinary approaches need to be safe, appropriate and only used when necessary.

Special Needs Students Deserve Inclusive Learning Environments

Some parents of special needs students in California have likely experienced the exclusive and segregated environment that often persists in early education classrooms. Although many children who have disabilities attend the same preschools as typically-developing children, they are often learning in separate settings.

When disciplining special education students goes too far

Many California parents and educators were shocked this week when they learned that a very young autistic boy had allegedly been placed in a trash can by a special education teacher employed at an elementary school in Georgia. This teacher was formally charged with child cruelty after she suspended the boy upside down over a trash can and lowered him into it up to his shoulders.

Gaps in teacher training affect special education students

We have written multiple blog posts regarding the California Statewide Task Force on Special Education’s report entitled “One System: Reforming Education to Serve all Students.” This report recommends significant reform of the special education system in The Golden State. One of the reforms that the report recommends involves teacher training.

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