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When special education is a breeding ground for discrimination

Federal law protects students with special needs from being discriminated against in an educational context. Specifically, federal law mandates that students with learning disabilities are given access to a proper education in the least restrictive setting possible. However, federal law does not protect students from all forms of discrimination. Just as many mainstream students do, special needs students can become targets for bullying and other forms of unfair treatment that do not necessarily rise to the level of illegal negative treatment.

Dyslexia: A Common Learning Disability But Help Is Rare

One of the most common learning disabilities is dyslexia. It is a "receptive language-based learning disability that is characterized by difficulties with decoding, fluent word recognition, rapid automatic naming, and/or reading comprehension skills," according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. It has been an officially identified disorder since 1881. 

Federal Supreme Court May Hear Special Education Case

We frequently write about the legal protections and opportunities afforded to students with special educational needs by the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. It is important to note however that certain provisions of IDEA remain controversial, even among parents of children who benefit from this important special education law.

Special Education: Place vs. Service

Not so long ago, most school children would have identified "special education" as a room. In that room, many of their peers would be taught by specific teachers who did not work with children outside of that room. In many schools, such a room still exists. And it is often necessary to both have and respect the importance of a special education room that serves children whose needs are not best addressed in a mainstream classroom. However, special education is so much more than "a room" and must be understood and treated as such.

Does Your Child Qualify For Special Education Protections?

If your child has recently been diagnosed with any number of medical conditions, you may be wondering whether or not he or she qualifies for special educational opportunities and protections under the law. In order to qualify for these opportunities and protections under federal and state law, your child must meet certain eligibility criteria.

Why Consulting An Education Attorney Can Be Beneficial

Parents of children with special needs often learn to advocate for their children's best interests in a variety of contexts. However, each parent must learn advocacy skills over time. No parent learns of his or her child's special needs and immediately understands how to successfully advocate on that child's behalf under all circumstances.

School To Pay Student's Family After Denying Service Dog Entrance

We frequently write about the various protections that the law affords students with learning disabilities. The law also affords students with physical disabilities a host of education-related protections as well. While some physically disabled students require special education services, others do not. Regardless of whether or not physically disabled students require special education services specifically, they are entitled to certain protections which enable them to learn in the least restrictive environment possible and to obtain a proper education.

What Is A Manifestation Determination Review?

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act does more than help to ensure that all children with special needs receive a proper and adequate education. It also helps to ensure that if special needs students have disciplinary issues, they are given access to a fair due process hearing under certain circumstances.

Is Your Child Eligible For Special Education Services?

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act helps to ensure that all children with disabilities may receive a public education that adequately fits their special educational needs. The word "disability" has a nuanced meaning within the educational context. Sometimes parents and children alike do not consider certain conditions to be disabilities, even though these conditions may entitle children to special education services under the law.

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