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How can our office help?

California’s Lanterman Act provides rights to individuals utilizing services from a regional center. Our office may be able to provide legal assistance if any of these situations apply to you:

  • Your child has been denied services
  • Your child has had their eligibility to services terminated
  • You disagree with the fee you have been assessed to pay for services
  • Your request to change your cost participation is denied
  • You believe you are being charged an incorrect fee for cost participation
  • Your notice from the Regional Center regarding a change in services for your child is late or contains incomplete information
  • If you believe your child is entitled to more services than they have been offered in their IPP

Appeal deadlines:

Our office is here to assist you through the appeal process. After receiving a notification that your child’s services will be changed or discontinued, you have:

  • 10 days to file an appeal in order to continue receiving services during the appeal process or
  • Up to 30 days total to file the appeal. However, please note that although it is possible to still file an appeal within this 30-day window, your child’s services will either change or be discontinued after missing the 10-day timeline.

Mediation and hearing:

After filing an appeal request you have up to 30 days to participate in a mediation where a neutral third party will meet with you and a representative from the regional center.  If the issue cannot be resolved at mediation it will continue on to a fair hearing with an administrative law judge.

Our attorneys understand that it might feel daunting to assert your child’s rights through the legal process.  We are here to help walk you through this process with compassion and skilled legal guidance.

Contact Our Attorneys To Learn More

To learn more about how our attorneys can help you with services from the Regional Center or a special education issues, call The Law Office of Meagan Nuñez at 619-757-1290 or send our office an email.