Every Child Deserves A Meaningful Education

Individualized Education Program Services And Litigation

All children deserve a meaningful education that will help them learn and grow. But when a child has a disability, standard educational approaches may not be effective. The child may fail to achieve learning goals and start acting out. The child’s progress – socially, academically and emotionally – may come to a halt. Federal law requires schools to provide special education services in the form of an individualized education program (IEP) for children with disabilities. IEPs are a critical tool for improving the child’s educational development. However, California schools often fail to detect that a child’s disability is impeding his or her progress. This oversight can lead to a downward spiral of behavioral problems, disciplinary measures and educational regression.
If your child is suffering from a disability that affects his or her ability to succeed in school, contact us at The Law Office of Meagan Nuñez, a law firm serving San Diego and the surrounding area. We provide experienced and empathetic representation to children and their families who are facing educational hardship due to a disability.

Special Education Attorneys Who Care Deeply About Their Clients

We are committed to helping children with special needs obtain the education they deserve. We will work hard to obtain the best possible outcome for your child. Together, we will strive to develop an IEP that will help your child make meaningful progress.

As parents, we understand the emotional and highly personal issues involved in obtaining an effective education for your child. We take the time to get to know every child and family by name. Even after your case is resolved, we will stay in touch with you as your child advances toward graduation.

Comprehensive IEP Services

As an experienced education lawyer, we provide representation for all steps of the IEP process, including:

  • Document review of your child’s complete student file
  • Consultations to discuss your child’s unique needs and potential remedies
  • IEP compliance review, including scrutinizing goals and services and monitoring the plan’s progress
  • IEP meeting preparation to help you feel confident and prepared
  • IEP meeting representation
  • Behavior support plan review for compliance and appropriateness
  • Representation at due process proceedings

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