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Importance of early intervention for children with special needs

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You sense something is not quite right with your child. He’s not vocalizing, makes no eye contact and seems to be developmentally delayed compared with other toddlers his age. Because this time is so essential in the child’s life, it is critical that families seek early intervention programs that may make all the difference in the child’s future.

A report released earlier this year by the California Legislative Analyst’s Office noted that a number of developmentally-delayed children who get help early on “show significant progress and are determined to no longer require special supports at age 3.”

Glimmers of hope

Such research touting the significance of early intervention may bring glimmers of hope to families that have children with special needs such as autism, speech delays, learning disabilities or cognitive delays.

Early intervention services represent a broad range, including assessment and evaluation, screening, counseling, family training and home visits. It may touch upon most developmental delays, including difficulties with motor skills as well as speech and language issues.

Increased comprehension, family collaboration

Here are some of the benefits that children and families may experience through early intervention:

  • Increases the child’s ability to comprehend and deal within social environments such as school, the neighborhood and community, and, eventually, employment.
  • Builds a supportive and nurturing environment for the entire family. Since children are more comfortable in their homes, they will benefit when families and teachers collaborate to incorporate new developments into the child’s everyday routines. Parents may feel empowered by their newfound role to enhance their child’s development.

Early intervention is so important because learning and development are at their highest rates during preschool years. We want our children to thrive and grow physically, mentally and emotionally. When families work together with educators and specialists, a positive outcome is more likely for your child.