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Do you know what should be in your child’s IEP?

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As the parent of a special needs student, you understand how difficult it can be to ensure that your child has everything he or she needs for a full and fair educational experience. It is not easy to advocate for your child and fight for all the tools he or she requires, but it is important for a parent to be aware of a student’s educational rights and what is necessary for his or her education. One aspect that is critical for your child’s success is the Individualized Education Program.  

This is a plan that outlines what your California special education student needs regarding modifications, classroom support and more. As the parent, you have the right to know what is in your child’s IEP, and you also have the right to speak out when the school is not adhering to the terms of the plan. Your child has rights, regardless of his or her educational needs and special education requirements.  

The details of an IEP are critical  

An IEP is a plan that outlines the specific accommodations and support your student needs to get an education and succeed to a reasonable extent in the classroom. According to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, each student has the right to support and help at school. Your student’s plan is more than a suggestion or a strategy that the school hopes to adhere to — it is a legally binding contract that your child’s school and teachers must follow. Each typically includes the following: 

  • The individual annual goals for the student 
  • A statement regarding your child’s current status and performance levels 
  • Any modifications your child requires when testing 
  • How the school will track the student’s progress 
  • Intended transition for the child after graduation 
  • Support services, modifications and accommodations your child needs at school 

Each IEP is unique and specific to the individual student. You have the right to seek an understanding of the terms included and how the school intends to follow this plan. Lack of adherence to the terms of an IEP is a violation of your student’s educational rights, and it could be grounds for a civil claim. If you are unsure of how you can help your child or you suspect that your child needs more support than he or she is getting, you may benefit from seeking legal insight.