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Support available when special education/IEP problems arise

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Not every student in the California public school system excels educationally. However, every student is entitled to receive an education that helps the student pursue his or her greatest potential. Many kids have special education needs that make daily academic life more difficult than it might be for other students. Special education and IEC options exist to provide support to students in need so that they have the same learning opportunities as their peers. 

When a parent requests an evaluation for a child who is struggling in school, a support team comes together to discuss the child’s needs and to determine if he or she qualifies for an Individualized Education Program (IEP). If you believe that your son or daughter should have an IEP, but it is being denied, it might be a good idea to reach out for added support from someone who can advocate on your behalf. It is also wise to gain an understanding of applicable laws to determine if you are correct in thinking that your child qualifies for a specialized learning program.  

Special education is for children with physical or mental disabilities 

The California Department of Education can create an IEP whether your child has learning challenges brought on by a physical disability or mental disability. The key factor is that his or her condition impedes the ability to achieve full academic success. Your child has a right to a free and appropriate education, and support is available to help you protect your child’s interests.  

At the Law Office of Megan Nunez, in California, you can obtain guidance and support as you navigate the legal system on behalf of your child, if reasonable accommodations are not being provided in accordance with state or federal laws or if you have requested an IEP, but it is being denied. Legal representation may be the missing component you need to ensure that your child receives all that he or she is entitled to under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. A free consultation can be the first step to resolving your legal problem.