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Students with special needs owed compensatory time

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In California and all other states, every public school student is entitled to a quality education. If a student has special needs due to a physical, emotional or mental health issue or has a learning disability, the school district will provide accommodations in the form of resources or assistants to help the student achieve his or her full potential in a mainstream academic setting. Parents in a particular school district are upset, saying their children with special needs are being short-changed due to staff shortages in their school district.

One parent says her child has not attended a full day of school since Sept. 2023. He is sent home hours ahead of time each day because the school does not have staff who can accommodate his needs during those hours. Due to the complex nature of the student’s condition (autistic/non-verbal) he must always have two behavioral intervention assistants with him. Due to staff shortages, school administrators send him home when assistants are not available.

Other parents of special needs have faced similar issues

The school district in question acknowledges that it owes numerous students with special needs compensatory time for all the hours they have been unable to attend school due to a lack of available support. A child with special needs should not be deprived of classroom hours because the school cannot accommodate their needs. One special education teacher told reporters that the district owes one of her students more than 1,000 compensatory hours.

Speaking with a California special education law attorney is a practical step a concerned parent can take when a child with special needs is not being afforded the education to which all students in public school are entitled to receive. Such an attorney is well-versed in all aspects of the topic, including IEPs, as well as the obligations of a school district. A lawyer can advocate on behalf of parents and students to protect their rights and ensure that their school districts are accommodating their needs.