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IEP accommodations in California

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It can be worrisome for parents to discover that their child has special learning needs, especially in a public-school setting. Thankfully, public schools in California and throughout the country have a system to provide services and accommodation to students with special needs. A parent reading this may have already started the individual education program (IEP) process for a child or might be learning about it for the first time in this blog post.  

Either way, it is helpful to speak with someone knowledgeable about special education laws, including what types of accommodations are available with an IEP. The goal is to work with a child’s teachers, the school board, and any other adults whose presence may be relevant in creating an individualized learning plan to help a child thrive in an academic setting. A concerned parent will want to discuss all options available, and then determine which ones best fit a specific child’s needs.  

IEP accommodations often include these services 

Special needs education laws accommodate students who have delayed cognitive skills, physical impairments, autism, vision or hearing problems, and more. The following list shows several types of IEP services available to accommodate students in a California public school setting:  

  • Additional time allotments for completing school work 
  • Adaptation of instruction style 
  • Simplifying assignments with fewer requirements for project completion 
  • Assistance in taking notes 
  • Large print text in textbooks and workbooks 
  • Use of a study carrel for students with attention and distraction issues 
  • Oral testing 

An IEP can also provide behavioral modifications for a student with special needs, such as assigning a peer mentor to a student, providing frequent breaks and allowing the student to move about the classroom or outdoors, or using positive reinforcement and de-escalating strategies to help students navigate the school day.  

Tap into local resources for support 

A parent of a California student with or in need of an IEP may want to schedule a meeting with an attorney experienced in special education law issues. A strong support network is the key to success. An attorney can help protect parental rights and ensure that a child receives the maximum support available in specific circumstances.