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Fairness concerns remain regarding suspensions at California schools

In recent years here in California, there have been many efforts by the state and individual school districts to try to lower the use of suspensions at schools and address fairness issues related to this type of disciplinary action. What has happened with suspension levels in the state in the wake of such efforts?

California bill proposes tax incentives to fight teacher shortage

As we discussed in a past post, many places in California have been experiencing a teacher shortage in recent times. In that post, we noted that one area that the shortage could be hitting particularly hard is special education, as special education teacher shortages are a particularly common shortage reported by school districts in the state.

Special education and budget cuts

Sometimes, school districts end up having to make budget cuts. There are a variety of concerns parents can have in connection to such cuts. Some special concerns can be present for parents of special needs students. Among these are concerns about whether the budget cuts will get in the way of their child getting the special education support and services they need.

Special education funding bill brought in California

Various types of laws can have very big impacts on special education and special needs students. Among these are state laws regarding special education funding. What a state does when it comes to such funding can have impacts on things like the types and quality of special education programs and services that are available for kids with disabilities in the state.

Report card gives California schools a C-minus

What quality of education special needs students here in California receive can be affected by many things. This includes how the state’s schools act when it comes to special education programs and matters specific to special needs students, such as matters related to IEPs. Students with disabilities could be greatly disadvantaged when schools fail to act appropriately on this front.

Millions of students get education services under IDEA

One of the key federal laws when it comes to special education is the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. IDEA gives certain rights to special needs students, including the right to a public education that is appropriate and free. There are a variety of rules placed on schools by this law in regards to these rights. So, legal issues related to IDEA are among the major issues that can come up for parents of children with disabilities.

When a special needs student is facing suspension

Just like with other students, disciplinary matters can sometimes come up at school for students with disabilities. When such matters come up regarding their child, a parent of a special needs child might be very concerned about how the matter will impact their child.

Could body movement help with detecting learning disabilities?

There are many challenges that come up in relation to learning disabilities. One are challenges in detecting such disabilities. Such conditions can be hard to diagnose. One reason for this is a lack of objective tests for detecting such disabilities. Most current methods for detecting these conditions focus on subjective factors.

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