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When police are called into California schools

It is critical for school districts to act properly when it comes to disciplinary issues regarding special needs students. How schools handle these matters can have major impacts on such students. When a parent of a child with disabilities believes that their child’s school mishandled such a matter or subjected their child to inappropriate disciplinary actions, they may want to promptly discuss the matter and their concerns with an education lawyer.

Federal funding going towards special needs transition programs

When it comes to their child’s education, there are many things a parent with a special needs child may be concerned about. Some of these concerns are focused on the present, like how their child is currently doing at school and the challenges their child is currently facing in the classroom. Others are focused on the future, like how their kid will do once they are done with school and going off into the wider world. How both of these types of concerns are ultimately addressed can have major impacts on a special needs student. So, when working with their child’s school regarding either of these categories of concerns, a parent may desire to have the guidance of a skilled education lawyer.

Many California cities rank high for disability friendliness

Some cities are more challenging for people with disabilities than other ones. This is because there are a lot of different factors that can impact how good of a place to live a given city is for such individuals. Cities vary considerably when it comes to such factors.

San Diego-area test scores: Where do special needs students stand?

The quality of the education students receive can be tough to gauge. There is no perfect measure for how good of a job a school is doing, so we have to rely on some imperfect ones. While these measures have their limitations, they can still some provide insights on the matter. One of these measures is student standardized test scores.

Unsurprisingly, what special ed teachers need to do is … teach

Here's a question related to serving the needs of special education students: Is it better for a truly gifted teacher to be working with kids steadily throughout the day in a less-than-stellar school setting or a so-so instructor who spends less time teaching, but does so in a pristine classroom environment?

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