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Steps In Special Education Hearings And Dispute Resolution

The Law Office of Meagan Nuñez in San Diego is committed to providing vigorous advocacy on behalf of disabled students in all aspects of special education law. We guide parents in obtaining access to the special education resources that will best serve the interests of a child. Moreover, we are experienced in achieving results in litigation and other forms of dispute resolution associated with special education law.
The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) provides rules and procedures that schools receiving federal funds must follow to ensure students with disabilities receive a proper education. The complex array of rules spells out procedures at many stages, including gateway matters that allow parents and school officials to determine whether special education is appropriate for a child.

Compassionate Guidance In All Special Education Hearings And Challenges

When a student acts out in school, the institution has a duty to investigate whether a disability is causing behavioral issues. We guide students and their parents through the manifestation determination review process to guard the rights of a child. Congress found that disabled students were disproportionately being excluded from school activities and now requires that schools follow procedures to improve access to school activities. Behavioral intervention may be a positive step to providing better access to educational activities when a student acts out. School discipline related to suspensions or expulsions for students with special education needs is governed under the IDEA.

When a school district or institution fails to properly comply with the rules, parents and the child have a right to file a compliance complaint to address the failure of the system.

The special education process has many rules aimed at keeping the IEP program on the proper track. Parents and students are entitled to hearings to ensure that due process rights are vindicated in the disability assessment and placement processes. However, the existence of a hearing standing alone may not always succeed in vindicating your child’s educational rights. We are skilled in challenging matters in due process hearings and zealously litigating disputes when the process is improperly handled.

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For compassionate and experienced guidance when problems arise in your child’s IEP process, you can rely on the knowledge and experience of our lawyers to guard your rights. To schedule a free consultation with a trusted special education lawyer in San Diego, contact us online or call 619-757-1290.