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Has your child been denied access to a meaningful and effective education? If your child is struggling in school as a result of a disability, his or her rights need to be protected. Schools must provide special education services to help children with disabilities achieve their learning goals. Unfortunately, obtaining special education services is not always a smooth process. California schools sometimes fail to develop an appropriate individualized education plan (IEP) that will help the child succeed. Schools sometimes fail to comply with the plan or adapt it to the child’s changing needs. And schools sometimes wrongly deem students ineligible for IEPs, leading to increased behavioral problems and decreased learning. The law provides multiple ways to protect children whose educational rights have been violated. If you believe your child has been wrongfully denied a meaningful education, contact us at The Law Office of Meagan Nuñez, an experienced firm handling special education due process hearings in San Diego and the surrounding areas.

San Diego Compliance Complaints Attorney Offering Comprehensive Services

Navigating the complex legal processes for resolving education disputes can be difficult. When your child’s education is at stake, it is important to contact an experienced education lawyer. We provide experienced representation for children with special educational needs and their families.

As parents, we understand that the child’s well-being is at the center of every case. Mending relationships and resolving disputes amicably is often in your child’s best interests. We strive to work together with parents, IEP teams and schools to achieve the most favorable outcome for each child we serve.

Challenging Your Child’s Expulsion Or Suspension

If your child was wrongfully expelled or suspended, you may be able to challenge the expulsion while maintaining your child’s current placement. Schools must conduct a “manifestation determination” – an investigation to uncover the root cause of your child’s behavioral problems. Schools cannot expel or suspend a child for behaviors that are related to a disability.

If your child is facing expulsion, it is important to involve an attorney at the outset. We provide comprehensive representation for expulsion appeals and due process hearings.

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