Every Child Deserves A Meaningful Education

Your Rights To Special Education Referrals And Assessments

Your child deserves to receive a meaningful education. When there is reason to believe a student’s academic problem is linked to an underlying mental or physical disability, schools are required to refer the child for an assessment and evaluation under the Individuals with Disabilities Act. In some situations, a prior diagnosis of a qualifying condition may lead to a referral.A teacher, school administrator, counselor or another staff member may recognize a discrepancy in the child’s academic performance, behavior, social or emotional experiences, or other factors that may signal that the child may benefit from an individualized education program. Unfortunately, in many cases, the school overlooks the signals or tries to accommodate the child through a written 504 plan without referring the child for an evaluation of whether special education services are appropriate.

San Diego Lawyers Devoted To Helping Children With Special Needs In School

At The Law Office of Meagan Nuñez, we understand how frustrating it is for parents who recognize that a problem exists, but are unable to help their children obtain a meaningful education. We are dedicated to helping parents of children with disabilities assert their rights to obtaining the services the child needs under California and federal laws.

Parents need to know that they can request that their child receive a free assessment for any potential special education needs. We help parents navigate the complicated maze of special education matters, including helping our clients draft a referral request. Obtaining the referral and assessment is the first step in the process of obtaining an individualized education program to allow a student with a qualifying disability (or set of disabilities) to have a meaningful opportunity to learn.

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A referral and assessment is the gateway to special education services. We can help you assert your rights at every stage of the special education process. For guidance and representation for your school-related matter, contact us online or call 619-757-1290. We offer flexible scheduling. The initial consultation is free.